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Cynthia has authored four books for the wire strung clàrsach. Two are instructional in nature and two are arrangements of music specifically set for the wire strung harp.


Pathway: a Primer for the Wire Strung Harp

Pathway: A Primer for the Wire Strung Harp

Pathway is a tutorial for people new to the study of the wire strung harp. Starting with descriptions of the instrument, the student is led on a journey into the basic damping and ringing techniques of the clarsach. There is also a recording of the 34 tunes in the book with the Gaelic title pronounciations. [click on the image to learn more about Pathway].

Traditional Beginnings

Traditional Beginnings for The Harp

Selected and arranged by Cynthia Cathcart, this book is an easy and progressive collection of recognizable melodies arranged for wire strung and small harps. This is a useful and accessible introduction to the wire strung harp, by a fine exponent of the instrument, —Alison Kinnaird [click on the image to learn more about Traditional Beginnings].


From My Music Stand book

From My Music Stand

Nineteen delightful arrangements of Scottish and Irish Tunes for the wire strung harp of Ireland and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. From easy arrangements to more advanced, many of these tunes were recorded by Cynthia on Alchemy of a Rose, most are the same arrangements as in the book. [click on the image to learn more about From My Music Stand.]

Carols of Christmas

Carols of Christmas arranged for the Clarsach

Thirty Christmas carols arranged for wire strung harp. The tunes are presented in an order so that never more than one string will need to be re–tuned for each consecutive carol. An index provides guidance for fitting the music on a small clarsach with a range extending to the G below middle C. The introduction includes an essay on the history of the Christmas carol. [click on the image to learn more about Carols of Christmas].

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